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Crockpot Stuffed Peppers



Stuffed peppers is one of the best side dishes I’ve ever had. Especially when it’s stuffed with rice, meat and cheese! Check out this amazing recipe.


You’ll Need:


4 green bell peppers.
1 lb of ground beef.
½ cup of cheddar cheese.
32 oz spaghetti sauce.
2 cups of cooked rice.
1 pepper.
1 tsp of salt.
¼ cup of onion.


How to:

First, clean the green peppers, cut off the tops and clean out the seeds and white membrane.

Mix the meat, rice, onion, salt, pepper and cheese in a bowl until well combined then stuff the peppers with the mixture.

Arrange the stuffed peppers in the crockpot and pour the spaghetti sauce over the peppers.

Cook for 6 to 7 hours on low, I add some cheese on top just before it’s done.

Bonne Appétit!

Easy, peasy and cheesy! You won’t believe how good this tastes. The spaghetti sauce makes it even perfect. Give it a shot, I’m sure you will like it.


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